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Adding Value to Cattle 

Marketing Programs

Feeder Cattle
AAC, LLC has developed two types of feeder calf programs. These programs are designed to develop the calf so when they are sold they are healthy and ready to reach there potential.

  1. Farm Raised Calves are VA Quality Assured (VQA) Feeder Cattle that are weaned, source verified Gold (health assured) and Purple Tagged (health and genetics assured).
  2. Custom back-grounding at fed together sites is designed to take calves from various farms, put them in groups to develop feeder cattle to sell in the VQA Program ( purple tagged, health and genetics assured) or the ROP Program. These feeder cattle will sell VQA plus Age and Source Verified with RFID Tags.
Information and sale dates can be found at Calves VQA Sales.

Commercial Replacement Heifers
These calves are developed under the VA Premium Assured Heifer Program (VAPAH). This program is designed to return heifers to the home farm or market through VAPAH Sales. These sales take place twice a year.

Information and sale dates can be found at Heifers VAPAH Sales.

Retained Ownership
The ROP is Retained Ownership Program of Feeder Cattle from the feedlot to the rail.
This program serves a fed together retained ownership education program to assist Virginia Cattle producers:

  • Receive feedback about the relative feedyard and carcass performance and profitability of the cattle they are producing.
  • Learn more about the larger cattle industry beyond Virginia's borders, primarily the feeding and processing sectors
  • Investigate the use of retained ownership as a marketing option. 

Information can be found at Virginia’s Retained Ownership Program brochure.

Marketing Program

Through cooperative purchases AAC, LLC can offer substantial savings on your production costs. Members may purchase beef minerals, supplements and pharmaceuticals.

Beef Cattle Supplements
  • Hi-Mag and Hi-Mag Medicated complete minerals (including product mixes for fly control, foot root, anaplasmosis and pink eye) designed for Southside Virginia.
  • Hi-Bova grain concentrate mineral for backgrounding and finishing cattle.
  • 4 delivery months (January, April, July and October) with multiple delivery sites
Vaccines, Antibiotics & De-Wormers
  • Animal health products to help you develop and maintain a sound herd using a the VQA, a designed health program.
  • Members and Subscribers can purchase Pfizer products through cooperating Southern States Stores at the AVA discount price. The products do have to paid for using cash, check or in some locations a credit card.  The discount is not available if the products are charged to their Farm Plan Account.  4 delivery months (March, June, September and December).

Educational Programs

Producers Programs
AAC, LLC offers multiple Area Production Meetings per year to help producers gain and improve their beef cattle and forage production skills at no charge to participants.

Youth Development
Amelia Cattlemen provide financial support with college scholarships for high school graduates to attend 2 or 4 year college agricultural programs. Support is also given to the local 4-H Livestock Projects and Judging Teams.