Calves - VQA Sales

2022 Amelia Area Cattlemen VQA Feeder Calf Sales


      AAC Calves are sold as:


Sale Dates 2022

June 27,2022


*Amelia Area Cattlemen, LLC Co-mingling Feeder Calf Program

Clarke Farm, Cross River Farm

Age and Source Verified

Calves are managed together in load lots a minimum of 45 days, calves are weaned for at least 50-55 days, majority over 60 days.

Health Program:
Two doses of MLV – IBR, PI3, BVD, BRSV, two doses of 7-Strain Clostridium, Pasteurella, and DECTOMAX® dewormer, all Pfizer product vaccinations for co-mingled calves are given by a third party.

Weighing Conditions:
Fed together calves from Cross River Farm and Clarke Farm backgrounding sites are weighed individually morning of take up (no feed and water) with 2% pencil shrink.  Windy Springs Farm cattle are hauled to Southside Livestock Market, weighed and loaded.


Clarke Family Farm
Carlton Clarke
Phone 434/532-3056
Taylor Clarke
Phone: 434/532-3057 


Cross River Farm
Robert Harper
Phone: 804/614-6517